Liana Davletberdina

Liana is educated and licensed both within the Sivananda Tradition 200h teacher traning and als has 1 300h training wthin Yoga Therapy. Both done in India.

She is a very apprechated teacher at the center and after been substituting mostly lately this semester she will again have classes on the every week schedule.
She started with her yoga practice over 10 years ago when a doctor found micro tumours in her brain, but instead of starting to take hormons and pills she gave her trust to yoga.
After 5 years all the tomours where gone and also other unbalances with endokrin (hormone) system.
So she wanted to spread this knowledge amd teachings of yoga and she feels that this practice could heal and cure many form illness and desease so after many years of going to Fredriks classer at our center sh decided to attend teacher tranings her self to be able to guide others.

Liana has her origin from the ural mountains in Rusiia, and came to Sweden in 2009 to take her master degree in KTH, but has stayed since then.

She is also educaated at the center for treatments and offers some of our chakra treatments as Nirvana total Bliss.

Liana's classes:

Tuesdays 06,45-08,00 - Hatha Yoga 75 ***English
Saturdays kl. 10,30-12,00 - Hatha Yoga *** English